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Our professional team which has over 35 years combined experience in Residential, Commercial Development, Engineering Construction and Project Management deliver a professional and highly sought after authentic experience which is supported and exercised successfully through commitment, professionalism and communication.

PPM&D upholds its integrity to deliver outcomes for clients that are both cost effective and efficient but not compromising the quality of the product. We also encourage educating and mentoring the client should they wish to be highly involved in the project for their future personal endeavours.

Starting a building renovation project?

Starting a residential subdivision or townhouse development?

Struggling with estimating costs or a tender submission for a client?

Are you a builder looking for a project manager to run your projects?


Building Project Management

A magnitude of facets incremental delivery of each or encompassing a cradle to grave approach.

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Accurate building cost estimates, material quantity take-offs to builders trades and property developers.

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Estimating Workshops

Our training course is dedicated to builder, building trade contractors and small civil works contractors.

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